The Moving Mantras Yoga Dance Performance was a delightful and beautiful blend of yoga and dance with music and poetry. The performers floated through the presentation with grace, elegance and strength. I traveled 90 miles to see the program and was thrilled and entranced by every dance. When I go to my own yoga classes now, I am inspired to do better as I envision this wonderful group of women.
— Susan Smolin

I left feeling both calm and energized by the inspired movement that eloquently synthesized yoga and dance. Each individual piece was both simple and profound in its choreography, as performed by talented dancers and well-rehearsed yoga practitioners.
— Donna Barkman

I just wanted to congratulate you again on an amazing performance. Your gift of merging Yoga and dance in such a creative way is absolutely joyful. Your work (or is it play!) is like a multifaceted jewel beaming with light and of course, love.
— Elaine Jacobson

Moving Mantras was one of the most pleasing, pleasurable, joyful performances I've ever seen. The positive emotions I felt while watching are still resonating in me. Prepare to be inspired and uplifted.
— Holly St. Lifer

Congratulations on such an amazing performance last night. I go to the Joyce Theater fairly regularly and your choreography was on par with what I see at the Joyce. I was so pleased and moved to see such a diverse group of women who all were so comfortable in their own skin and moved so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us — you should be feeling very proud.
— Rhonda Roehrich

I found the Moving Mantras to be both beautiful and inspiring. There was an abundance of creative energy and it was wonderful to see so many women of different ages and body types performing Moving Mantras. It was a truly moving experience!”
— Mary Ann Baiyor

I participated in each of the four sessions of Ms. Ceva’s Moving Mantra’s Workshop this fall. I had been practicing Yoga at the Birchwood Center only a few months. As a relatively new student, I was hesitant to participate in the workshop. But I learned in the very first session that all of us are capable of fluid, graceful movement; that sharing the energy of others who are passionate about physical expression is intoxicating; and that I, at 60 years of age, could be as graceful and elegant as those half my age.

Ms. Ceva’s insight and technique were inspiring, making the most complex interactions seem natural and heartfelt. Perhaps what I appreciated most was the community that this beautiful combination of dance and meditation created. I learned about myself, made new friends and shared the beauty of self expression and articulate movement. ”
— Rosemarie Monaco, President, Group M Inc

I have attended Betsy Ceva’s Moving Mantras workshops for many years. In the workshops I have learned a new movement language that is beautiful, fascinating, and inspirational, and helps me express a very authentic and deep connection with myself. Betsy's teaching comes from her heart. She has a clear vision, and she communicates this vision with warmth, humor, and skill. ”
— Helena Mertens, Workshop participant and yoga instructor